Commercial Compliance

Protecting your investment in NBC Sport Pub Pass

We take illegal use of our programming very seriously because it is important to ensure our legitimate Pub Pass subscribers are not left short-changed. The only legal way to show NBC Sports programming in a commercial establishment is through a valid commercial subscription and agreement with NBC Sport Pub Pass.

NBC Sports Gold subscriptions are direct to consumer products, not to be used in a commercial premise or any commercial capacity.


Legitimate Pub Pass commercial subscribers will see the NBC Sports Pub Pass logo appear on their TV screen during play. The lack of this logo during broadcast can reveal who is ‐ and most importantly, who is not ‐ showing NBC Sports content legally in a commercial establishment.

Report Illegal Programming

If you believe an establishment shows NBC Sport programming without the NBC Sports Pub Pass commercial subscription, you can contact us in confidence.

Call 833-444-7782 or form the form below.