Commercial Compliance

Protecting Your Investment 

We take illegal use of our programming very seriously because it is important to ensure our legitimate Pub Pass subscribers are not left short-changed. The only legal way to show NBC Sports programming in a commercial establishment is through a valid commercial subscription and agreement with NBC Sports Pub Pass.

While Peacock is for personal/individual use, public venues must purchase a commercial subscription. The cost depends on the size of the establishment based on their Fire Occupancy Certificate. Unfortunately, some owners disregard the commercial license by pirating Pub Pass exclusive matches by misrepresenting the business in several ways:

  • Using one’s or a customer’s personal streaming license inside a public venue;
  • Streaming an illegal internet feed from a laptop to the bar’s TVs;
  • Or, broadcasting from a foreign satellite or cable receiver.

All authorized Pub Pass locations can be found on the NBC Sports Pub Pass under the “Where To Watch” page. Once a location has paid for their annual subscription, they’ll be listed on the Pub Pass Website.                                         

NBC Sports Pub Pass Logo

Legitimate Pub Pass commercial subscribers will see the NBC Sports Pub Pass logo appear on their TV screen during play. The lack of this logo during broadcast can reveal who is ‐ and most importantly, who is not ‐ showing NBC Sports content legally in a commercial establishment.NBCS_PUB_PASS_V_RGB_POS

Fighting Piracy

NBC Sports Pub Pass is committed to protecting the investment of their paying customers. At the same time, NBC Sports Pub Pass uses digital detection techniques as well as 3rd party groups to perform in-person compliance checks. NBC Sports Pub Pass prioritizes protecting our legitimate customers from unauthorized pirating. Simply, it’s not fair to our paying customers.

Settlement & Litigation of Piracy Claims

If you receive a letter from NBC Sports Pub Pass representative it probably means we are pursuing a piracy case against you and your business for the unauthorized commercial broadcast of NBC Sports programming. NBC Sports Pub Pass does not wish to profit from litigation; so, therefore, we are open to resolving your piracy cases prior to filing a lawsuit against you in federal court.

Shall you decline to settle your case and force us to incur attorneys fees and cost of filing a lawsuit, your case will become more costly to resolve than purchasing the intended annual subscription for your establishment.

Report Illegal Programming

If you believe an establishment shows NBC Sports programming without the NBC Sports Pub Pass commercial subscription, you can contact us in confidence.

Call 833-444-7782 or form the form below.