What do I need to set up and watch with my NBC SPORTS PUB PASS subscription?

  1. TV with HDMI port access
  2. An Amazon Fire Stick (can use one provided with subscription or other)
  3. An amazon account (so can log in to download the Pub Pass App)
  4. WIFI: a minimum WiFi allocation of 5mbps for HD streaming quality  

When should I set up my device?

We highly recommend you to set up your device as soon as it arrives so we may instantly address any issues that arise.

How do I control my device?

One can navigate on the Amazon Fire TV Stick by using the remote control included with you subscription package or download the Amazon Fire TV Remote Controller App from your cell phone’s app-store. Any device with the App downloaded and connected to the same WiFi can control the Fire TV Stick.

What are the hardware and/or software requirements for streaming?
NBC Pub Pass will provide an Amazon Fire TV Stick for venues that do not already own a device. In addition, the streaming service will require a minimum WiFi allocation of 5mbps for HD streaming quality.

Can I hardwire my Amazon Fire TV Stick using an ethernet cable?
Yes, however, we will not provide your with Amazon’s Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices. Our recommendation is to allocate WiFi to fulfill your streaming needs.

Can I use another platform besides Amazon Fire TV, such as Apple TV or Roku?
No, currently the only way to view the NBC Sports Pub Pass is with an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Why is authentication being required?
Authentication supports our ongoing investment in sports programming for all of our platforms and is consistent with industry trends. Digital platforms require significant investment, and authentication allows us to capture the value of that investment, which in turn allows us to continue to provide cable/satellite/telco/live streaming service customers with high-quality sports coverage wherever and whenever they want at no additional cost. Of course, NBC Sports continues to make premier live sporting events and other sports programming available to all viewers on free over-the-air television through the NBC broadcast network.

What streaming content included in my Pub Pass?
NBC Pub Pass provides your venue with live and on-demand Premier League Soccer, a multitude of rugby union leagues, and every stage of selected cycling races. For the full list of available content visit www.nbcpubpass.com/content

What is included in my subscription package?
Your subscription package will include NBC Pub Pass branded window decal, two (2) Amazon Fire TV Sticks + Remote, Set-up instructions, and shipping slip detailing items included. In addition, your pub will receive digital, social media marketing assets in your subscription’s confirmation email.

On how many screens can I show Pub Pass with my subscription?
With your subscription, you may show the content on as many screens within the premises as desired. To show content on other screens:

  • An Amazon Fire TV Stick is needed for each screen.  Each Amazon Fire TV Stick needs to be activated to your account. You may show unique content on each screen, with its own Amazon Fire TV Stick (ie you can show soccer on 1 TV and rugby on another at the same time)
  • Or you need to connect the TVs through a hub, into which you connect an activated Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Through this hub, you may connect as many TVs as desired – but they will all show the same selected program at the same time; you cannot show different events on the different screens connected and powered by the same Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Is the sports content available in High Definition?
Yes, all video content is available in HD.

What language is the content available?
All sports will be available in English and closed captioning is available by navigating to settings.

Can we watch/show video on NBC Sports Pub Pass outside of the United States?
Due to broadcasting regulations, NBC is only allowed to show NBC Sports content on the internet in the United States and U.S. Territories. Users outside of these locations will still be able to access an extensive set of non-event video content on NBCSports.com.